About Me

Hello! I’m Jennifer

Trainer, Consultant, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and Licensed Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor

I am a licensed clinical social worker and licensed advanced alcohol and drug counselor. I was the Program Director at the Mental Health Rehabilitation Center on the Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital campus from 2000 to 2021. I provided staff supervision and training; oversaw and provided individual, group, and family treatment for adults with serious and persistent mental illness who also had problematic substance use histories; and co-developed the co-occurring disorders (dual diagnosis) program at the San Francisco Behavioral Health Center. I supervised social work interns for almost 20 years from UC Berkeley, SF State, and CSU Sacramento. I have provided in-depth training to clinicians providing services to youth and adults since 1991 and regularly train staff in mental health and substance use disorder programs throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. I particularly specialize in training on the diagnosis and treatment of individuals with co-occurring mental health and substance-related disorders and motivational interviewing.

Previously, I was a therapist and supervisor at Edgewood Center for Children and Families in San Francisco and Seneca Center’s Therapeutic Foster Care Program and Day Treatment Program in San Leandro, CA.

I received my B.A in Psychology and Social Welfare at U.C. Berkeley and my M.S.S.W in Clinical Social Work at Columbia University.

My Approach & Values

Whether you engage in one of my training sessions or seek therapy with me, it’s crucial that you experience a sense of being ‘seen,’ valued, and that your objectives are met.

For training sessions, I ensure alignment between the description and the actual content, encourage questions and feedback, check in with participants to ensure comprehension, and provide links to additional resources for further reading. Participants always have ongoing access to me for additional support or clarification, fostering a welcoming environment even after the training concludes.

In therapy, my approach is centered on finding strategies that resonate with you. Trained in various evidence-based practices, I tailor my methods to align with your needs and goals. Regular goal reassessment ensures our work aligns with your evolving objectives. If progress doesn’t meet expectations, we collaboratively explore reasons, and I adapt methods as needed.

The primary objective is to facilitate your well-being and empower you to live life on your terms. In the end, isn’t that what it’s all about?

Training & Consultation

I offer clinical consultation for agencies and clinical supervision for therapists seeking pre-licensure hours or specific expertise not covered by their agency supervisor (e.g., experience with addiction, harm reduction, motivational interviewing, or working with clients dealing with schizophrenia). In each case, my approach is to assess needs and deliver services in a warm, professional, and personalized manner.

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